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This represents the first of many topics to come, like how to splice your own music, what to do when you have an injury, and more. I welcome ideas and contributors to the page.


Everyone who has been touched by the sport will have something unique to share. We do not always have to agree, however, it is both interesting and inspiring to see the sport through someone else's eyes.

Alex OrlandoAlex Ordando reached a new Canadian milestone by winning all six rhythmic gymnastics events at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia. Despite her busy schedule, balancing between training, competitions, university and acting as an ambassador for the sport, Alex still found time to write an article for our website. Hats off to a true champion! ...more


Competitions are why the gymnasts train and the sport exist. In Canada, competitions are run by volunteers - they always try their best to provide a memorable experience to the gymnasts, regardless of their age or rank. This articlet is my attempt to share some of my experiences and tools. ...more